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don't get mad

Are you frustrated? Burned out? Well, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to do something today, right this moment? Are you going to take action to end your frustration, to achieve your dream, to take advantage of opportunity? Success depends not on how much you complain or your ability to garner sympathy, but, what you do! Right now is the time. Move beyond frustration, work toward the dream and make the most of these possibilities. Right now, go and do something positive about it! 

Creatures of Habit

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Let's make a HABIT to invest in ourselves. It is the way we qualify ourselves towards increase. Invest in yourself. "The valuable things in life are put on a higher shelf (on purpose) so you can't get to them until YOU qualify. If you want the things on the higher shelf you've got to STAND on the books you read. Every book you read, you get to stand a little higher so you can get the things on the higher shelf." (Jim Rohn). TAKE AWAY:

What Condition Are YOU In?

When conditions change, some people become immobilized by worry. Other people complain. Still others make the changing conditions into an excuse for not taking action. What do successful people do when conditions change? Successful people adapt. That’s what makes them consistently successful 

Take Control

You only have control over three things in your life — the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take (your behavior). How you use these three things determines everything you experience. If you don’t like what you are producing and experiencing, you have to change your responses. - Jack Canfield

Failure not an option!

Failure is the hallmark of success. It can be the starting point of a new venture, such as when a baby learns to walk; it has to fall down a lot to learn the new skill. Failure is also the mark of a success you've worked for. When a pole vaulter finally misses in competition, it shows how far he's come. That failure becomes the starting point for his next effort, proving that failure is not final!


"FRIENDS are either a real assets or a real liability. So I would encourage you to choose your friends wisely. You don need a lot, but YOU do need some goods ones." -John C. Maxwell TAKE AWAY: Good FRIENDS should always ADD and never SUBTRACT from. who YOU are. Let's check out the "Friendship calculator" and do the math: GOOD FRIENDS ARE:

What are you thinking?

What you think about expands.  That’s the first rule. The second rule is that what you think about is already here. The third rule is that you must be willing to do whatever it takes to bring your thought into form. The fourth rule is you have to understand that you cannot fail in this process. 4 Rules for Acting on Your Positive Thoughts By Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Ready, Set, Lift!!!

Who are you going to lift up today? Pick someone (or everyone!) but don't forget about lifting yourself too. :) The Elevator Principle - there are some people who are uplifting; they lift us up ... and there are some people, like elevators, who let us down. It's a choice.

What are you committed to?

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: "Commit whatever you do, your ways, your actions, ideas, your heart, to the Lord, and the plans you establish will succeed". - (Proverbs) TAKE AWAY:  Let's choose the right Commitments that will render our Best instead of choosing the wrong commitments that keep our best out of Commission.

Take the B... by the Horn!

Take life by the horns and show it who's boss! Put all those thoughts, feelings and past belief systems that haven't worked for you in the past aside. There are always more than one way to solve a problem and if you continue doing things the SAME way you will get the same results. Do you want that, or do you want the greatest most amazing life has to offer? Get off the bench and get in the Game!
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