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Accept This Mission Possible

Carefully consider each commitment before making it and when you’ve made the decision to do it, stick with it. When you have a good, solid, clearly defined objective and a meaningful reason for reaching it, get started. Once you’ve started, see it through. Many quit when just a few moments shy of reaching their goal. Commit, Stick with it, and enjoy the many fruits of your efforts

I made a mistake - read on :-)

MOTIVATION: Mistakes make YOU better. CONSEQUENCE is another word for RESPONSE. It's not what happens to us, however it's how we Respond to what happens. CONSEQUENCE defines how we lean into life or back away from it.

Out of Focus?

Focus on the one step that you can take right now. Let go of all regrets and resentment about what has already happened. Put your energy into where you are, and use that energy to do what you can in this moment. Decide to focus on the task at hand. It is what will move you forward. Think of how great it feels to be moving in a positive, productive direction. Focus your energy right now and make it happen.

You Can Lift Up Anything

You are just as capable of lifting someone up as is them capable of bringing you down. When you come across someone who is not as positive and upbeat as you are, raise the other person up to your level. Decide to choose the high road, and commit yourself to staying on that high road.


The only way to fail is to give up, so fix your eyes on the goal, and persist. Your vision, your commitment, and your actions will take you there. See every moment as the opportunity that it is and KNOW precisely where you wish to go and why. Keep going!  

Today is about being consistent!!

MOTIVATION: "Consistency is one of the most attractive things in the cosmos. Stay positive and do the work."- Benjamin Wright TAKE AWAY: Take something and increase it with CONSISTENCY. What can you create by being more consistent every...day? Growth happens in small stages .

1st day of the rest of your month :-)

Happy 1st day of August, what are your goals for the month? email me at kurt@climbreachachieve.com or post on Climb Reach Achieve Facebook page :-) 

Meant To Be Courageous

“Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.” ~ Brandan Francis Behan

What do you Say!

I look forward to providing meaning content to everyone, not just about fitness but life as well.  But what I do care about is what is really important to you, so I want to hear from you and tell me - What Do You Say is Important!!! kurt@climbreachachieve.com

Can't Put A Price On It

You don’t need anyone's permission or assistance to create value. All it takes is the desire to make a difference. Come from that genuine place of value and all the success in the universe will be yours.
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