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This is an eye opener!

Wake up, open your eyes and look around you.

New Day - New You

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Today is NEW. Today all things are NEW. Today all good will is NEW.

Who do you love?

Great Saturday morning to you!  I was struck moments ago with the question of who do I love and why do I love it.  My wife and kids, I LOVE ;-)  Being a part of the fitness community, seeing lives changed, transformed daily, I LOVE.  People being inspired by my words, direction, trusting in my skills, I LOVE.   

Who needs a phonebooth

Don’t settle for just getting by. Reach beyond what’s comfortable. Just a small extra effort can produce significantly greater results, taking yourself from ordinary to extraordinary. Leverage your efforts by going above and beyond. When the work is done, take advantage of the opportunity to do more and quickly put yourself far out in front.


MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Follow your convictions, they will help us define where our compromises are. If there are no convictions, we may need to ask ourselves how much is left to compromise. Without the conviction, we compromise our char

I can do ALL things!

It can be much easier to tell yourself you CAN’T do it. Yet, it’s much better to forge ahead and DO the work. It is difficult to acknowledge and follow the best of your possibilities. Your dreams are calling out to you, and will never be 

Success or Failure - Choose Your Lot

Success is what happens when you find a way to take positive, effective action, no matter what obstacles may stand in your way. Failure is what happens when you become better at making excuses than at getting results.

Hut One Hut Two - Hike


Go Figure!

You’ve figured out how to get it done. Now figure out how to do it even better. Expect the best of yourself. Then find a way to exceed those expectations. Challenge yourself to exceed yourself. You deserve the best, and you deserve to keep making the best even better and better.


MOTIVATION: ABUNDANCE begins from within. To give anything out, WE first have to be filled from within.
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