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Measuring Cup

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: When you measure your worth from God's point of view, or any other level of faith, there are no limits to our reserve.

How Good Are You?

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Remind yourself today: "You are good enough." Make a habit of saying and believing only GOOD things about you. 


MID DAY CUP OF MOTIVATION: No matter the color, shape or size, the weekend looks good on everybody and it looks like YOU made it.


Ok, today is not the motivational nuggets I enjoy sharing.  Today started out with minimal rest and sleep, so suffice to say my mood was not a great way to start the day.  But a funny thing happened, I went to My Cancer Wellnes Center to lead out my patient/clietns in our bi weekly group exercise classes.  Midway through my first of two classes I was overcome with inspiration, just looking at them not just attempt to, but work hard removing all obstacle and barrier that have come their way.

Make TODAY about YOU

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: Focus on something good about You, today. Increase your self worth and just say NO to negative judgement's about yourself.

Good Morning!

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: " The obstacles that others put in your path can be pushed aside in any number of ways.

Team Player

TEAM MOTIVATION: BIG key to success= Motivate yourself! Be courageous in the face of opposition! Control EMOTIONAL responses & IMPULSE! Regulate your mood!


MOTIVATION: When what we say, When what we believe, When what we DO, all becomes aligned together, then we are on our way to building an Authentic BRAND. Who you are is your BRAND. Represent it well. Keep growing. Keep building. Keep becoming your BRANDING process, everyday and all day! Be who you are and let it become essential in everything that you do.  

Be Full Of It

TEAM MOTIVATION: If this mind of mine is to be used at all, let it not be used for empty shells, hollowed thoughts, recycled attitudes, unstable and unsuitable, spaces.

A Positive

It’s easy to make excuses and to avoid effort. Life has taught you that when you accept the risk, take action, and live with integrity, there’s no limit to the great things you can accomplish. Have the courage and faith to step forward and live Life to the fullest.
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