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An Athletic Event for Women: Live.Love.Tri.

www.meganmerchant.comWouldn’t it be fantastic to have a passion and then create a local event for others to participate in your passion?  My sister brought such a duo of ladies to my attention, and they graciously answered some questions about their all-women triathlon for us, which will be August 27, 2011, at the Rio Rancho Aquatic Center:

5 Manner-Changes I Need to Make, and Fast!

Wearing a Pedometer: My Awakening

This is Part One of my new love/hate relationship with a Pedometer.What is a pedometer?  It is a tiny 1-2" device that counts the motion of your hips to guess the number of steps you take each day. A basic pedometer only counts steps, whereas more complex devices ask for your "stride length" which then computes your distance traveled in miles. 

Friday Fun: Pedometers, Panty Hose, and Potters

www.meganmerchant.comMy healthy streak since Christmas came to halt this week when both my daughter and I caught the nasty coughing virus going around.  It seemed a great opportunity to wear a pedometer around and see if I meet the minimum CDC Recommendations for adult physical activity.  My results are surprising; I look forward to sharing them with you next week, and I'll share why I'm now addicted to my pedometer...

6 Ways to Valentine Daily (or Fix a Bad One)

www.meganmerchant.comI can’t count the number of Valentine’s Days when I have gotten sick, crowds were awful, prices were high, or even a minor nuisance put a damper on this tricky holiday.  Inspired by these “lovely” memories, here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy other days as if Valentine’s Day:

Mini-Workout: For Loving (That’s Right!)

www.meganmerchant.comAll you need is love, right?  Aim higher, go for some GREAT loving!  This mini-workout will strengthen your torso and hips, stabilize your joints, and increase your endurance.  May you have rosy cheeks after this workout, and not after reading.  Turn on your favorite music, like the Black Eyed Peas, and rock while you:

Your Favorite Quotes

Thanks to everyone that shared their favorite quotes on our Facebook page.But first, here are some previous posts to kick start your Superbowl Sunday:Fun Fit Games for TV Watching Mini-Workout: Indoor Sports

Snow Day! Try These 4 Outside Goodies

www.meganmerchant.comMaking snow angels, having snow wars, and building snow men are all grand, but let's spice those up and throw some fitness into the mix.  The following are ideas for any age and the corresponding intensity desired on your snowy day:

5 Ways to be Your Own Personal Trainer

www.meganmerchant.comYou may be having trouble finding time to exercise much less hire and pay for sessions with a trainer at a different location.  Here are tips to help you progress while working out on your own:

How to Become a Group Fitness Instructor

www.meganmerchant.comEvery one benefits from a few inside tips before starting a new job.  Here's the list for becoming a GREAT Group Exercise Instructor, and these are my own memories starting out.
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