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How Do You Decide What to Read? Recently on Facebook I shared my trial to cut down on my shower time.  The main reason is that lately my "to read" pile is growing faster than I can keep up!  My 2 year old has quit napping and my 5 year old is two months from Kindergarten.  Luckily for the next blissful two weeks, I have 25 minutes of reading time at their combined City Pool swim lessons.  

My 5K Training: Day Thirteen 

6 Tips for Buying Camping Tents Our family of four is about ready for some hard-core outdoor fun.  But I’m the first to say I know ZERO about camping well.  This past Christmas my mission was to find (and impress) my outdoor-adventure husband with an awesome 4-person tent.  

My 5K Training: Day Twelve

How We Saved For Our Dream Land

My 5K Training: Day Eleven

www.meganmerchant.comFriday, April 22, 2011 Below is my Day 11 5k Training Run. April 21: Rest April 22: Run #11! 51 F Sports Bra, 2 socks, black pants 5:30 AM: Yoga warm-up, 500 steps, for upper back/chest flexibility 5:45: Academy Trail, 7100 steps   Speed: 5 mph hr up, 6.5 flat, 7 down, 6 mph flat   40:48 mins, 3.75 miles 6:40: Cooldown, 200 steps 6:52: Stretch (Especially quads, back, neck) Notes to Self

My 5K Training: Day Ten

My 5K Training: Day Nine 

My 5K Training: Day Eight 

The Dreaded To-Do: My War with a Stump I despise those awful tasks waiting for me on my "Bad" To-Do list.  Those nasty things that need attention and work from us but we manage to transfer it to our new weekly task list only to have it go unchecked for months and months....   
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