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My 5K Training: Day Eleven

www.meganmerchant.comFriday, April 22, 2011 Below is my Day 11 5k Training Run. April 21: Rest April 22: Run #11! 51 F Sports Bra, 2 socks, black pants 5:30 AM: Yoga warm-up, 500 steps, for upper back/chest flexibility 5:45: Academy Trail, 7100 steps   Speed: 5 mph hr up, 6.5 flat, 7 down, 6 mph flat   40:48 mins, 3.75 miles 6:40: Cooldown, 200 steps 6:52: Stretch (Especially quads, back, neck) Notes to Self

My 5K Training: Day Ten

My 5K Training: Day Nine 

My 5K Training: Day Eight 

The Dreaded To-Do: My War with a Stump I despise those awful tasks waiting for me on my "Bad" To-Do list.  Those nasty things that need attention and work from us but we manage to transfer it to our new weekly task list only to have it go unchecked for months and months....   

My 5K Training: Day Seven

What's For Breakfast?

I don't know about you, but I like one meal a day I don't have to think to hard about. That's breakfast. In our house, my husband and I work out 5:30-6:30 if possible.  The alarm goes off at 5, then we have some time to get our barrings, drink some water, move a bit, and get to it.  Then 6:30-7 is rush time to wash and dry before the kids are up and begging for breakfast and atten

Goodies for Easter Baskets

My 5K Training: Day Six 

My 5K Training: Day Five Thursday, March 31, 2011 Below is my Day 5 5k Training Run, with notes only that differ from Day One. 47 F, Too hot: Gloves, jacket, sweat pants Weight: 117.5 lbs 3.08 Mile Steady Pace Run Levoxyl, 10 Smiths Animal crackers, 4 oz water, Warm up 6:46-7:18: 3.08 Miles, 32:53 minutes    Up/Down .5 mile, .7 mile soccer field x3, Down/Up .5 mile 7:25: Walking Cooldown 7:30: Water Notes to Self
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