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Insantiy: Am I Ready to "Dig Deep?" 

Great Birthday Snack for School Kids 

My 1st 5K Race: Over 6 Tips and Treats 

How and Why to Monitor Your Resting Heart Rate 

What is your Cardiovascular System? 

2 Steps to Being a Superhero One thing all superhero movies have in coming are a hero that doesn’t want the job.  Frodo doesn’t want to carry the ring.  Spiderman wants to get married and settle down.  Luke just can’t find the force. Heroes everywhere have battles they ignore, run from, or try to side step.

Maybe Kids DO have the Answers to Fitness Whether you touch the life of one person or reach out to millions, people across America are finding creative ways to help everyone stay active.  Special guest Bill Barberg and his son Alec in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area are making a huge impact in their communities.  Here is their story:

Helping Your Child Swim: What is a New Parent to Do?

www.meganmerchant.comHere is an article I wrote, featured in Water Safety Magazine this past January, that seems more than appropriate for this hot July weather.  Enjoy! - Megan  

"Let's go!" Travel Music Giveaway It's summer; let's celebrate with travel music! Susie Tallman has donated THREE Let’s go! music CDs.  Thanks, Susie!

Over 15 Items/Ideas for Fitness during Travel It's time for summer vacation!  Here are the items I pack every trip to reach my daily fitness goals, boost my mental health, and keep my nutrition on track:  
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