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"Let's go!" Travel Music Giveaway It's summer; let's celebrate with travel music! Susie Tallman has donated THREE Let’s go! music CDs.  Thanks, Susie!

Over 15 Items/Ideas for Fitness during Travel It's time for summer vacation!  Here are the items I pack every trip to reach my daily fitness goals, boost my mental health, and keep my nutrition on track:  

How Do You Decide What to Read? Recently on Facebook I shared my trial to cut down on my shower time.  The main reason is that lately my "to read" pile is growing faster than I can keep up!  My 2 year old has quit napping and my 5 year old is two months from Kindergarten.  Luckily for the next blissful two weeks, I have 25 minutes of reading time at their combined City Pool swim lessons.  

My 5K Training: Day Thirteen 

6 Tips for Buying Camping Tents Our family of four is about ready for some hard-core outdoor fun.  But I’m the first to say I know ZERO about camping well.  This past Christmas my mission was to find (and impress) my outdoor-adventure husband with an awesome 4-person tent.  

My 5K Training: Day Twelve

How We Saved For Our Dream Land

My 5K Training: Day Eleven

www.meganmerchant.comFriday, April 22, 2011 Below is my Day 11 5k Training Run. April 21: Rest April 22: Run #11! 51 F Sports Bra, 2 socks, black pants 5:30 AM: Yoga warm-up, 500 steps, for upper back/chest flexibility 5:45: Academy Trail, 7100 steps   Speed: 5 mph hr up, 6.5 flat, 7 down, 6 mph flat   40:48 mins, 3.75 miles 6:40: Cooldown, 200 steps 6:52: Stretch (Especially quads, back, neck) Notes to Self

My 5K Training: Day Ten

My 5K Training: Day Nine 
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