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The Value of Criticism: How Do You Take IT?

We recently completed a week on communication skills and relationship development in my UNM-Valencia "Fundamentals of Human Sexuality" course where I posed the discussion topic:  

Fear Conquered: I Cooked and Enjoyed Fresh Salmon!

Yes, I am deathly afraid of consuming fresh fish.  Maybe it is a lineage from Iowa (cows, pigs and chickens galore, although my grandparents also fish and eat trout).  Maybe it is growing up and living in New Mexico (I can't see the ocean!).  But my husband and daughter love salmon, I have twice over the past 15 years tried and enjoyed it, and I could not STAND another year being anxious about diving into a new but also healthy food habit.

My Dad's Advice: "YOU ARE"

It feels as though suddenly (at 32 years old) I am teaching university students in their first year and possible first classes in college, and I find my Dad's voice humming my ears.  When I was growing up, he would repeat this phrase:  

A Knock at the Door: An Ability to Help

Recently I woke up at my usual before-the-kids-wake-up time to grade papers.

Choices, Choices, Choices for Wellness

A personal life balance is created by having a wellness system and understanding how you are meeting each of the items below on a daily basis.  Individualism is the ability to freely choose the system that will work for you (the examples below or your own).

What is Your "Philosophy?"

Have you ever written a personal philosophy?  Mine is under "permanent evolution" but here is a glimpse of it's current state: "It is my duty as a citizen of the world:

Fitness Rock and Roll Music Giveaway

It's a Grammy-nominee; let's celebrate youth fitness with a giveaway! Recently I blogged about my Girl Scout "Courage and Strength" class and how I incorporated the wonderful song "I Am an Athlete."  GREAT NEWS:  The music artist Miss Amy has donated TWO Autographed

Daisy Girl Scouts: Courage and Strength Class

Daisy Girl Scouts are ages 5-6, usually Kindergarten and First grade, and earn Daisy petals.  When I saw the "Courage and Strength" petal I couldn't wait to offer my services and teach a class for our troop and share the activities with yours!  Materials and recommended music are listed at the end for a group of 12 girls, two leaders, and one instructor; class length is about 40 minutes.

Insanity Results!

The end of Insanity has come!  I hope my pros and cons help you in your fitness challenges, as well as my tip on regarding gyms in January at the end.  Here is Day 63 of 63: Fitness Test 5 compared to Fit Test 1.

Insanity Tests 3 and 4

Here are my Day 36 and 50, 25-minute Fitness Test results on Insanity! Today is Day 52 of 63, although it should be Celebratory Day 64 (and that makes me a bit sad).
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