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2 Rainbow Recipes and More for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The following two recipes have a full platter base ingredient followed by the items for the rainbow colors.  Plan out your shopping list by letting your kids help you draw the recipe as you make your list, such as our picture for fruit pizza below. Skip to the end for some fun St. Patrick's web links.

Procrastination is not in itself evil, and bless the American Dream, it can even be slightly fun in the moments when all your work is complete and the choice is yours to be lazy for an hour or two.  But the events that evolve from putting things off that can be severely detrimental: low activity leads to lower energy levels, not speaking with family for years adds to depression, missing deadlines leads to higher occupational stress...   

How to be the Best New Mom

Or better titled, "The list I wish I had prior to the arrival of my own children" or "planning the unplannable."  I dedicate this wellness post to the many amazing women in my life with babies arriving this year.  Here's to making every new moment spectacular and give yourself love throughout the process.  As for the amazing husbands and dads that make motherhood possible, I hope you share lists among each other as well. 

The Best Valentine Treats

It's time for extra LOVE again!  Valentine's: a day to say "I love you" to as many people as possible and spread gratitude and thanks for those that enhance your life.  Here's an update on two of my favorite ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

New Home, New Job, New Life... Maybe

Our family has faced some major "potential" transitions in the year 2012.  Millions of US families are experiencing potential changes every day as well. This morning as I struggled with my thoughts about this potential change, which has taken longer than the time required to make a child and for which we have completed every required task and are awaiting the employer's decision, these lyrics from Phillip Phillips song "Home" fill my mind:

My Mom and I had the opportunity to give a collaborative fitness interview on this past week.  A mother of two, my mom later became a successful Real Estate broker and business owner, recently a collegiate instructor, and soon graduate of a Masters program; she is an inspiration to her friends and family. 

Giveaway: Animal Songs and Stories CD!

Thanksgiving is on its way; time to celebrate with a giveaway!Susie Tallman has donated her new “Animal Songs and Stories” music cd. Thanks, Susie! 

The Value of Criticism: How Do You Take IT?

We recently completed a week on communication skills and relationship development in my UNM-Valencia "Fundamentals of Human Sexuality" course where I posed the discussion topic:  

Fear Conquered: I Cooked and Enjoyed Fresh Salmon!

Yes, I am deathly afraid of consuming fresh fish.  Maybe it is a lineage from Iowa (cows, pigs and chickens galore, although my grandparents also fish and eat trout).  Maybe it is growing up and living in New Mexico (I can't see the ocean!).  But my husband and daughter love salmon, I have twice over the past 15 years tried and enjoyed it, and I could not STAND another year being anxious about diving into a new but also healthy food habit.

My Dad's Advice: "YOU ARE"

It feels as though suddenly (at 32 years old) I am teaching university students in their first year and possible first classes in college, and I find my Dad's voice humming my ears.  When I was growing up, he would repeat this phrase:  
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