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Hello, everyone!  Thanks for coming to my new fitness tips blog.  In the coming weeks I'll be chatting about mini-workouts you perform anywhere, experiences with different equipment and programs, and fun lifestyle changes that will help change your perspective on exercise from "work" to "FUN!" Check out my archives to see tips on food and shopping, water, sleep, and more that you may have missed. Please leave your comments; I want to know what is important to YOU. I look forward to writing for you!

Thanks to Share with Loved Ones

An OASIS student of mine gave me this about 8 years ago and I searched for it online (Thank you, Google!)  I remember this poem at this time each year; here are a few of my favorite lines: "I am thankful: For the taxes I pay because it means I am employed. For the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends For my shadow that watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.

(Fun!) Calorie Burns for Holiday Eating

It's almost time for that yummy Thanksgiving meal!  If you've been reading along with my blog, you may have new recipes ideas, joyful shopping trips, and are read to prepare and conquer your Thanksgiving dinner.  Or maybe you're job this year is to join in at another's home.  Share these active ideas with everyone included:

Holiday Grocery Shopping

If you are in charge of the holiday food this year, make your shopping mentally fun and physically active!  Here's how: 1. Dress as if you are out for exercise.  Wear layers and comfy shoes and bring water to drink.  The perk to canvas bags (other than reuse) is they get filled to the brim, so whip out your arm muscles for heavy carrying!

Sweet, Blissful Sleep

Most research on the subject says the optimal amount of sleep per night is 7-9 hours for adults.  Less than and you short your body of healing and recovery time, more than and you minimize the quality of the time you are deeply asleep.  So how can we get more quality sleep?

Tasty Thanksgiving Substitutions

Holidays Tips to Enjoy 24/7

I love (hate) holidays.  Would you agree?  Whenever one approaches, I reorganize my thoughts to try and keep the following at the top of my list: 1.  Hug, hug, HUG your friends and family.  Bring goodies to your neighbors and call those that are far away just to say "love you, thinking of you!" 2.  Smile everywhere.  Especially driving, shopping, and talking on the phone (they can hear it!).

Water: How to Meet Your Intake

The average adult female requires 80 ounces a day of water, males up to 120, PLUS 10-30 ounces more for exercise.  Water is the medium through which all our body's reactions occur and accounts for 70% of our lean body mass (everything but fat).  A side note: fat is only 10% water; very few reactions occur here as it's an energy reserve and insulator. Here's how you can improve your intake:

How to be Smart about Meat

Sad for all meat lovers out there, gone are the days of slabs of pork chops, giant chicken drumsticks, and monster beef steaks at every meal.  (Unless you happen to attend a Renaissance Fair or Family Reunion...)  The portion size for meat during a sitting is a deck of cards or palm of your hand, and fish is about the size of your checkbook; both are 2-3 ounces. Here are some tips* for being smart while indulging in meat:

Bone Building and Dining on Dairy

There are two schools of thought on dairy.  One group believes people are not meant to drink from cows.  The other scientifically noticed that milk is the perfect (well-rounded, all-containing) food with the exception of iron.  Dairy is a wonderful food for groups at risk for osteoporosis because of it's calcium content.  If you are part of group one, be sure to get all your necessary vitamins and nutrients from other sources.
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