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Water: How to Meet Your Intake

The average adult female requires 80 ounces a day of water, males up to 120, PLUS 10-30 ounces more for exercise.  Water is the medium through which all our body's reactions occur and accounts for 70% of our lean body mass (everything but fat).  A side note: fat is only 10% water; very few reactions occur here as it's an energy reserve and insulator. Here's how you can improve your intake:

How to be Smart about Meat

Sad for all meat lovers out there, gone are the days of slabs of pork chops, giant chicken drumsticks, and monster beef steaks at every meal.  (Unless you happen to attend a Renaissance Fair or Family Reunion...)  The portion size for meat during a sitting is a deck of cards or palm of your hand, and fish is about the size of your checkbook; both are 2-3 ounces. Here are some tips* for being smart while indulging in meat:

Bone Building and Dining on Dairy

There are two schools of thought on dairy.  One group believes people are not meant to drink from cows.  The other scientifically noticed that milk is the perfect (well-rounded, all-containing) food with the exception of iron.  Dairy is a wonderful food for groups at risk for osteoporosis because of it's calcium content.  If you are part of group one, be sure to get all your necessary vitamins and nutrients from other sources.

Sweet, Juicy and Delicious Fruits

What do you love about fruits?  They are a fun food, a guilty pleasure, and a great anytime snack to me!  And have you noticed how you can cook ANY fruit and it gets sweeter, richer, and more beautiful in every way? Here are some tips* about enjoying them while minimizing overindulging:

Thanks for the Vegetables, Mom!

I KNOW I want my kids to grow up with a love for healthy foods.  My Mom was very good at encouraging my sister and I growing up to try a lot of different things.  So in honor of my Mom and all mothers, here are some tips* for loving vegetables:

I Forgot to Write Down... What was it again?

From Edison to Oprah, the most successful and inspiring people in the world have something critically simple in common.  They record EVERYTHING.  They write journals, scribble notes, reflect in diaries.  Here is why it leads to greater things: 1. You retain your necessary fleeting thoughts.  Like waking up from a dream you loved but it slowly slips away, so do thousands of thoughts that pop in and out of your mind while awake.  The more thoughts you can write down, the less your brain will work trying to repeat them and can move forward to new things.

Something DREADFUL happened... time to Treasure Hunt!

Something dreadful may have happened in an area of your life.  Fitness bumps can leave you feeling incredibly shaky as well, possibly preventing you from moving forward.  You may have found something you love and works for you, then suddenly the gym closes, your favorite teacher moves, or perhaps you suffer an injury... so what can you do now? Here are two easy steps to turn that negative situation around, and can be applied to any situation or circumstance.

I WANT to do THAT! (...Help?)

So you're ready to jump of a tower in Africa, swim with dolphins in the ocean, climb a famous mountain...  Or maybe you want to try Salsa or Swing on the weekends, run a local 5k, or chase your kiddos around the yard a bit longer.   How do get from here to there? 1. Research all you can. Do you know any friends/family who have experienced the experience you are chasing?  Ask around for suggestions, ideas, or experience even from friends of friends.  The feedback of one that has "been there, done that" is priceless.

The Best Exercise IS...

What's the best way to stay in shape and continue to be active?   Swimming is active. Running is. Dancing is. Jump rope. Pilates. Yoga. Kick Boxing. Karate.... the list goes on and on, but each is no more correct than the other. If you're LOVING the movement, you will more easily do it over and over again and you will find love in fitness!

Success is JUST...

The true goal of life is to persevere over the setbacks, tackle mistakes with more positive energy, and thrive on every success, no matter how small.Three things about seeking success:
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