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Hopeless to Hopeful: Elevating Dark Moments

Three Tips for Voting with Wellness

For a dramatically well voting experience, consider these three things: 1.

Life Mastery: You CAN do ANYTHING!

This six-minute video below was my first Toastmasters speech I gave last week, so I wanted to share the last time I practiced before presenting.

Hands to the Sky: Poetry from Dance

Tuesday, September 20 was a particularly emotional Ballroom class at UNM.

Capturing Movement: Week 5 class at UNM!

On September 20, my dear photographer friend Basil Steele came for a visit at UNM.

The J-Curve: Falling before Rising

Go ahead and google images for the "J-Curve".

Q and A for Partner-Free Dance at OASIS!

What if you could meet your instructors, make friends, and ask questions before committing to a new class?  

Psychological Wellness: Enhancing Fitness Programs, and Michael Jackson?

This past weekend it was my honor to present on the topic of "Psychological Wellness" at the Albuquerque Strength and Conditioning Clinic, held annually for fitness professionals and interested public at the JCC of Greater Albuquerque

Miami LaBlast Convention 2016 Highlights

A LaBlast Moment with Gabriela

Here is a moment from one of my wonderful UNM Aerobic Dance students (featuring LaBlast Fitnesscurriculum), who after only a few short weeks of class attended our April 18-19 "UNM Dance Fitness Clinic" with LaBlast creator Louis van Amstel.
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