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Last week of Urban Boot Camp - Day 16

The countdown begins!  Last week of Urban Boot Camp has begun-  programming has been ramped up to accommodate the improvement in fitness levels!  HOOOAH!!!!!!!! At least one variable has been brought 'up a notch' in each program.  In 20 workouts the participants NEVER did the exact same thing as before.   Muscle Confusion - Training at it's best!!!  

Urban Boot Camp Day 15

Today was an Active Recovery workout.   After 4 days of intense training the body embraces active recovery.  Monday we hit the road running...literally! :)  

Urban Boot Camp Day 14

 ...Rise and Shine!!!!  Today at 0430 HRS Urban Boot Camp participants began their workout which consisted of Sled Dragging with an 80# load!  That was in addition to hurdles, ab-crunch throws with a weighted med-ball and a whirl at the battling rope!   Everyone embraced the challenge and did well!  Today's workout indicates the level of improvement in 3 short weeks!   Kudo's to you UBC'rs!!!!! 

Urban Boot Camp Day 13

Functional Fitness at its best!!! This morning we worked with a partner.  Each persons job to was motivate and take their partner to 'the edge'.  Well done UBC'rs!!!  A little partner and team work with the med-ball was first on the agenda.  Next was sandbags partner style!   18 and 36 lb. bags were used.   Mostly 36!  2 weeks ago there were no 36lb bags on our playing field!   This is functional fitness at its best!!!!!  

This mornings Urban Boot Camp Workout - Day 12

...Steps - TRX - Card Scramble - Sprints - We OWNED it this morning We are into week 3 or the 4 week commitment and the progress is amazing!  The workouts are never easy... components change to create a challenging and new workout!!  

Urban Boot Camp - 1/2 way thru the program.

 Urban Boot Camp has hit the 1/2 way mark and the participants progress in such a short time is amazing! Recruits are moving forward in respect to the physical aspects of the program.  Today I witnessed mental fortitude as well!!!    

Urban Boot Camp - Day 8

Everyone is progressing!   Indian Run/walks showed improvment as well as the sandbag relays!Love to see 100% effort:  This group is great!!!!  

Day 7 - Urban Boot Camp

Today's ciruit workout consisted of stairclimbing, body weight exercises and run/walk interval sprints.It's really rewarding to see all the campers embrace the program both mentally and physically. Short term goals are being met which in turn equates to achieving long term goals!  

Week 2 of Urban Boot Camp- Day 6

It's not easy getting up at 0430 hrs to meet fellow comrades for an Urban Bootcamp workout! Dedication and the drive to meet goals got the recruits there this morning.  High Fives to Urban Boot Campers!  This week promises to be a turning point in fitness education and performance!!! 

Urban Boot Camp Week # 1 - complete!

It was a great week for Urban Boot Camp!   The recruits experienced new 'toys' such as slosh pipes,sandbags and TRX.  Everyone put forth their best effort and without complaints.... well almost. :) Functional Fitness is the focus for this camp.  The Guardian Angels has seen much imrovement and the 'want to' attitudes are astounding!  Three more weeks to go!  BRING IT ON!!!
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