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Urban Boot Camp Day # 4

Urban Boot Camp recruits are doing very well!  They have come a long way in one week!We are beginning a new journey to meet personal goals and experiencing functional fitness at it's best!!! Tomorrow- Slosh Pipes, Battling Ropes and more!!!! :)

Day 3 Urban Boot Camp

Urban Boot Camp .......hurdles, agility ladders, resistance bands and a  core conditioning pod!!!  HOOAH!!!!!   Everyone gave their all!!!  Way to go recruits!

Urban Boot Camp -- Day 2

Not lions and tigers and bears..Oh My!  Rather it's  Indian Runs, Med-Balls and Sandbags...Oh MY!   Day 2 of Urban Boot Camp -  The recruits are amazing!!! 

Urban Boot Camp -- Day 1 0430 HRS -  Mid 60's -  First day of Urban Boot Camp (UBC)We begin our 4 week fitness journey 19 recruits showed up for a med-ball / body weight workout.  Everyone gave all they had to give!   

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

What is  your fitness goal and if so what is your plan to ensure you achieve it?Share your goals and plans with us!

Urban Boot Camp

Kick off for UBC is May 2nd! This 4 week event (5 days a week) is for everyone, male and female! All fitness levels will be challenged. From the beginner to the experienced athlete! Join us!

Whats on your fitness calendar this week?

Tomorrow is Monday- what's your fitness schedule this week? 
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