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Success of my clients means the world to me!

With Thanksgiving around the corner I would like to say I am thankful for so many things! Every time one of my personal training clients breaks a plateau,  when Urban Boot Campers finish week four stronger, faster and healthier than they were at the start and when those Kettlebell X-Fit Group Ex participants lift and push more weight than they thought they could or take it up an intensity notch on the TRX or sandbag.   I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to work with the best clients!!

Urban Boot Camp WK 2

2 weeks down and 2 to go!!!  Energy levels are up and fitness improvements are a reality!!  These recruits are embracing camp and giving their all.  The PR's are stacking up!!!  

Urban Boot Camp - Week #1

Urban Boot Camp: 4 weeks, 5 days per week, at 0430 hrs of fitness training for EVERYONE regardless of their fitness abilities. Week #1 proved that very statement. Beginners to advanced, men and women completed week one feeling accomplished in their capabilities as well as being empowered to reach their individual goals.

Urban Boot Camp

Urban Boot Camp (UBC) kicks off 10/17/11 and will run through 11/11/11.  Sessions are 0430-0530 Hrs.   UBC is an outdoor fitness boot camp for men and women and located in Athens, AL.  Urban Boot Camp utilizes the 'muscle confusion' training concept.  The same principles of p90X.   Progamming is designed for men and women of ALL fitness levels. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone but not beyond your limits.  All principals of fitness will be addressed and a nutrition component is included. 

Summers coming to an end!

We are on the edge of wrapping up summer.  I for one welcome fall!  Hopefully cooler temps are on the horizon.   It has been an awfully HOT summer!   The fall of the year is a great time to reassess your fitness goals and make a plan for reaching new ones.  Cooler temps will allow us to get off the treadmill and the couch.

Summers come to an end and our schedules change....

Once again it's time to revisit your fitness goals. Children are going back to school creating a change in your routine. How do you plan to adjust in order to meet your goals?

Summer is soon coming to an end....

In a few weeks school will be back in session. Our 'normal' routines will be back in full force allowing you to get back into your workout schedules.  Think about trying something new.   Please don't be intimidated by workouts or class formats you have never tried before.   Your old workouts or class formats were once new too!     

Working out and vacations.

Vacations are well deserved!  They are a break from the stress of your normal routines and a chance to chill and enjoy 'the easy life'. While on vacation it's okay to miss  your typical workout.  This might be a good time to try something new!  Rafting, cycling, swimming, hiking etc.  Consider taking  the opportunity to enjoy a new activity with family and friends. Have a safe 4th of July holiday-   A special thank you to those past and present who serve to keep us free! debbie

TRX Training

TRX Suspension TrainingLooking for a way to create variety in your workouts?  TRX training or suspension training as it’s also referred to is the ticket! An exciting new trend in exercise, the TRX can  help you achieve greater muscle tone, muscle size and help you burn calories.

Urban Boot Camp - Day 20...the finale

Today was the final session of Urban Boot Camp.  A four-week, Monday thru Friday fitness Boot Camp.  All sessions are slated to be held outdoors at 3 designated venues.   Two instructors worked with 23 participants. 
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