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Saturday is here!

Will you workout this weekend? As I sit drinking my tea my thoughts wandered to you. Will you take the weekend off, participate in an organized fitness event or do your own thing? Remember 3 workouts a week is the baseline for maintaining your present fitness level. Do your goals insist you do more? :) I would be interested in your response. Give me a shout! You can find me on Face Book and Twitter - Balance Personal Training, Urban Boot Camp or Debbie Kulmer. My website has a contact app too. Have a great weekend and reach for your goals!!

Working out on the weekend.


What motivates you to work towards your health and fitness goals?   Body compmeasurements?  A social event?  Good health?  A sporting event? Mind body connections will empower you to reach your goals.  A motivating quote for me is by Lance Armstrong. Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. – Lance Armstrong

May is National Stroke Month. Are you at risk?

Stroke is the fourth-leading killer of Alabamians, claiming nearly 3,000 lives in our state each year. Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke. It is the number one cause of permanent disability in Alabama. May is National Stroke Month; a perfect time to share the facts about this terrible disorder. Almost half of Americans can’t even name one stroke warning sign. May is National Stroke Month so let’s get back to the basics on what a stroke is, prevention and what to do if you notice signs of a stroke. 

What is cross-training?

Cross-training in sports and fitness refers to the combining of exercises to work various parts of the body. Often one particular activity works certain muscle groups, but not others; cross-training aims to eliminate this. For example a weekly cross-training plan would include a different workout for each of your 5 days of exercise.  When you plan your workouts think about changing at least one component.  For example:  Time, distance, reps, sets, activity, weight load etc. 

Kettlebells....what are the benefits of these unique training tools?

The benefits of kettlebells appeal to people of all fitness levels, ages and genders.  Functional fitness training which is also known as movement-based training is what kettlebells offer you.  Most commercial gyms do not have kettlebells. However small boutique gyms and independent trainers offer group classes and individual instruction.  The best and safest way to start using kettlebells is to find a trainer or instructor with certified training hours in this venue. Balance Personal Training has RKC training hours and offers both individual and group/class sessions.

It's a beautiful day! --- What will your workout consist of?

 Most experts agree there are five basic components of fitness. Include them in your workouts.They are:1) Aerobic Endurance- Your level of aerobic endurance measures your ability to do moderately strenuous activity over a period of time. It’s a measurement of how efficiently your heart and lungs work together to supply oxygen to your body during exertion and exercise. This fitness component is also called aerobic fitness.

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Drop and Give Me 20!

Boot camps are a fun, challenging and productive way to reach your fitness goals.  They are an excellent way to enhance aerobic capacity and muscular strength and endurance.  Our workouts include a multitude of unique training tools from agility ladders to slosh pipes to pushing a truck up a hill.  It’s a great workout with great variety and for every fitness level!    Many people enjoy this type of adventure because it's a team work environment.

Goal Setting

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  It's true!  Without a plan chances are you will not achieve your goals.  Regardless if the end goal is fitness related or another venue having a plan is instrumental in your success of bringing it to fruition.  How do we set our goals?  Read on...You set your goals on a number of levels:
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