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What % do you want to be? 3/4 or 1/4?

We all have a pretty good idea that  the prevelence of obesity is increasing. We see it when we shop, in our schools and at work. Truth is that we see it wherever we go!  Obesity is increasing globally not just in our own geographic locations.What are the escalated health risks associated with obesity?*Diabetes *Strokes*Heart Disease

Vacation Derailment...

Good morning!  Recently I returned from a short vacay.  Like you my plans were to exercise, eat well and enjoy a little R & R.  However I didn't exercise as much as I planned  or eat as well (nutritionally) either.

Face Down Your Fitness Fears

Face Down Your Fitness Fears--  Whether you are walking into the gym for the first time, participating in a group fitness class, or competing in a 5k, you will more than likely feel scared.  You are not alone. I know exactly how you feel!  In June of this year, I came face to face with my own fitness fears while participating in a 100-mile cycling event.  If you feel the least bit of fear, I encourage you to consider the following guidelines to help you combat your fears:

Play and Exercise Smart this Summer!!

Exercise isn’t always a grueling task, but rather a fun time shared with family and friends. A few precautions should be taken before you step out to take part in activities, such as golf, badminton, horse shoes, walks, biking or swimming to name a few. The proper application of sunscreen and the intake of fluids while you are enjoying the out of doors will help keep you comfortable during and after your summer fun event. Wearing the proper shoes and apparel are important as well. Lightweight and light-colored clothing may aid in keeping you cool. Many

Exercising in the HEAT

As I blog the temp is 106!  In the summer we should exercise with caution and planning.  Did you know that for every degree the body's internal temp rises the heart beats approximatley 10 bpm faster? The added thermal load of the warm sun increases the stress on the heart, escpecially during exercise.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

Recently I was contacted by a lady interested in hiring a personal trainer and I was impressed by her methods of hiring a trainer.  For the sake of anonymity let's call her Kathy.   Kathy went to her local gym and picked up brochures for all the trainers on staff.  She had telephone interviews with each of trainer and from there culled her list to the ones she thought might be a good fit to help her reach specified fitness goals.


Did you know the body can loose more than 1 qt of water a day? Please keep these hydration tips in mind all year round but particularly in the summer months. *Drink 17-20 oz of water 2-3 hours before your workout. *Drink 8 oz of fluid 20-30 min prior to exercising or during your warm-up. *Drink 7-10 oz of fluid every 10-20 minutes during exercise. *Drink 8 oz of fluid with 30 minutes after exercise. *Drink 16-24 oz of fluid for every pound of body wt lost after exercise.

Are boot camps for you?

Senario:   (1)  You used to work out but life has gotten in the way and you haven't seen the inside of a gym in a very long time. (2)  You work out on a regular basis and are looking for something to take your fitness up a notch.You see an advertisement, flier or a collegue mentions a local fitness boot camp is getting ready to start.  Your interest is peaked but you just don't know if you can do it.  Questions like 'can I do it' come to mind. 

The weekend is here!

What are your weekend plans?  Most of the time it seems we have chores that need doing. Summer is here which means yard work, car washing etc.  Keep in mind we are able to do our chores more efficiently and with less wear and tear on our bodies if we work out on a regular basis.  We may even be up for a bike ride, game of tennis or golf when our work is done. :)   Enjoy your summer!! 

Bring on the WEEKEND!

Will you workout this weekend?   As I sit drinking my tea my thoughts wandered to you.  Will you take the weekend off, participate in an organized fitness event or do your own thing? Remember 3 workouts a week is the baseline for maintaining your present fitness level.  Do your goals insist you do more? :)
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