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The Flip Side of the Coin

For the last 4 weeks I have had the opportunity to run another Urban Boot Camp.  Urban Boot Camp (UBC) is held outdoors from  0430-0530, Monday thru Friday.   We are outside unless rain or lightning becomes a safety issue.  Programming is such that all fitness levels will be satisfied with the intensity.

Fitness Certifications and Scope of Practice

Like many personal trainers I take my work seriously. My personal training business was built on the fact that I was NESTA Personal Training certified. My work experience and holding several fitness certs gives me additional credibility.

Urban Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps are great!  The 10th session of Urban Boot Camp UBC) has completed week 1 and we have 3 more to go. The sessions are 0430-0530 MON-FRI with a celebration 5k-obstacle event. Participants have varied fitness levels.  A weekly fitness challenge is also up for the taking!   A few of the benefits of this type of workout are: improved components of fitness  which are cardio endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and lean to fat ratio (Body fat %).

Finish what you start... be a winner!

The title of my post is easier said than done.  Let's focus this subject matter on fitness.  You are  disenchanted with your fitness level and decide to do something about it.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Those who know me personally know how I am in regards to fitness goals.

Fitness Boot Camps - Are they for you?

HOOAH!  We are ramping up to kick off another session of Urban Boot Camp (UBC) October 1st.  UBC's 10th session is a big deal for me!  The first session consisted of 7 recruits and was an  0430-0530 Hrs, Mon-Fri, 4 week event.   We have reached numbers of 20-24 strong which equates to the number of recruits in a 'real platoon'!

Fall is in the air!! What now? :)

Labor Day brings a close to the summer.  School is in session, football is cranking up and fall is in the air!  This is a perfect time to reassess your fitness goals.  It's a good idea to take a realistic look at where you are in regards to your health and fitness.  At the stroke of midnight on Dec 31, 2012, how would you like to make a resolution that did not include having to loose weight and get fit?

Kids are back in school! Now it's time for you!

Summer time rolls around and your schedules change.  Most likely your focus is on the children and how you will make the most of their summer break.  Everyone hits the ground running; trying to work in all the activities.  Summer sports, vacations, trips to the movies and other fun events but specifically spending precious time together take priority.  Those busy summers become treasured memories!   What now?   Most likely things have not settled down much the priorities just shift a bit.  Now everyone is adjusting to the new routine of homework,

Congratulations! USA! USA! USA!

I watched The Today Show one morning this week, and the show featured the outcome of the Olympic events and its participants.  I have a deep, heartfelt pride for the Olympians of our country (USA! USA!
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