Avocados the Super food

Avocados......contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals



Protecting Your Skin Is Not An Option It Is A Must

We at Cheap Beach Holidays ( pride ourselves on providing inexpensive and wonderful holidays that are affordable to anyone in Britain. We want you to have a wonderful time on the beaches of the world and a good time means good health.

The rainbow of colors in fruits and veggies

In order to benefit from all of nature's nutritional gifts, you must get used to eating the rainbow, Red: lycopene is a nutrient found in red fruits and veggies, such as tomatos, red bell peppers, pink grapefruit, cherries and watermelon. Orange: beta- carotene is present in such foods as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, mangos, cantaloupe and apricots.

Yoga and Attention: Of Zinnias and Agave

When you come into a yoga class it is very typical to spend some time sitting quietly. I will often explain to my students that this time is not some sort of 'before', but is a part of the class. In any 'mind/body' modality it is important to foster the conditions where the connections of the stream of thought and the stream of movement can become seamless.

Some Free Workouts

Just posted some free workouts on my site. I was just playing around with a few different routines. If you want to see something specific let me know...!workouts/c4xi  

Which Pre/Post Workout is Your Favorite?

A Little Sweet, A Little Crunch... May 13, 2015 Dina Castillo 

Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Right Off Your Sofa

Challenge: Find What Exercise Does Not Help

Please do not give up on your exercise program; call it active break time if that makes you feel better.If all you are doing is sleeping better, then it is working. Now pay attention to what else is going on: better mood, more energy, stronger, clearer mind, etc.Please hold on to those factors to keep yourself motivated and moving forward, even if it feels as though the progress may take long. Tip: sometimes it takes longer to see results than we wish or expect. 

Bad habits vs Good habits

It's so much easier to fall into old habits then it is to fall into new ones. Change is very hard, especially when routine is involved, it is easy to slip back to old routines. It's the same with nutrition, changing bad eating habits to good eating habits can take 3-12 months. It's important to start off slowly, know you will fall off track at times and then get keep going. Before you know it, you will look at the way you were eating and how much it has changed.
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