Back Strengthening for Desk Workers

I work with a lot individuals who work at desks all day to make a living.  While sitting at a desk, sometimes we forget about how sitting for prolonged periods of time can affect our bodies.  It’s not like we don’t know that sitting down in the same position will cause pain to our back and hip joints, we just get so tied up and busy with working at our desks and forget about it.   We also know that having good postur

The Relationship Between Leptin & Obesity

Leptin, a seriously misunderstood hormone, is one of the most essential hormone of the body. Lots of important tasks are the responsibility of this hormone and without it, our body would not be able to work as it is. Yes, there is a relationship between leptin and obesity but it is entirely wrong to say that leptin is an “obesity hormone” or “fat hormone”.

Yoga Poses to Detox Your Body

Life gets crazy sometimes, and it can wear on us. If you notice that you are feeling tired and weighed down by stress, a lack of motivation for exercise, and are making poor food choices, it is time to think about giving your mind and body a reboot.

How To Prepare For Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and you’ve spent the last month making lists, drawing maps of store aisles and mentally preparing for the big day. But don’t neglect some key skills you will need for that day…speed, agility and quickness!  Dedicating a day or two per week to speed, agility, quickness (SAQ) training will give the competitive edge on Black Friday meaning that those 60% off teeth whitening strips can be yours---all yours!!

Black Friday

I used to not be a big fan of black friday but I've since changed my mind. I love it! 

Put down that little pink dumbbell

What do most women want when it comes to how they look?

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving to me is time spend with loved ones.  Thanksgiving is always celebrated with family and then we add friends into the mix, too.  My mom has spoiled us all by getting up early and filling the house with the aroma of food being prepped for the turkey and the stuffing.

Doing Yoga on Thanksgiving

There will be no lack of options for yoga classes on Thanksgiving. However, I suspect that many of my students, and many people generally will less be making a choice of which of a dozen classes to attend, than between yoga and cooking, travel, family, and other duties and pleasures. I thought I would make a few suggestions of ways to adapt your practice to the more common needs of this time of year, and to doing that practice even if you cannot make it to your usual class. 

Dealing With Hearing Loss

Dealing with hearing loss isn't easy. You may feel like people are mumbling or not speaking up. You may also wonder why some sounds are uncomfortably loud to you, or why people sound "muddy" when they speak. Friends and family may get annoyed with you always asking them to repeat themselves, and you may start to feel self-conscious.

Finding the Best Heroin Rehab Program

Finding the right heroin rehab program is a key step in overcoming the addiction that people who use heroin face. The following are questions that help people find successful programs that lead to recovery. Cost and Treatment — How Do I Pay for Treatment?
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