Infrared Therapy as a Healing Modality; Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Restore Energy

I recently pulled my own infrared heating pad out of the closet and have been enjoying the benefits of using it again.

Notes on IDEA World (and training in yoga and fitness) by a Yogini

I try to go to take other people's classes as often as I can. I also try to go to workshops. It is so important not just to have your own practice in yoga, but also to keep open to new ideas, and to learn from others. I also try to do one 'big' training a year. My current family obligations make it hard for me to do as much as I would like, in terms of time and cost, but I make an effort to keep up with training as well as reading. 

10 Sex Positions to Enhance Your Penis Size...

No, I haven’t made the secret potion for enlarging your penis, but you really don’t need that! All you need to know is how to use it, and while I trust that you know the basics, what you might not know are the inside tips shared amongst women. Keep in mind that most of these positions aren’t just for enhancing size – they’re amazing even if size isn’t a worry for you. 

Fitness Goals and Expectations

The body doesn't always function in a linear manner.  Successful bursts can be followed by stagnation. You may lose 3 poinds the first three weeks, then nothing. Then, three weeks pass and you lose another pound. Then nothing. And so on.  This is nothing to get discouraged about.  Try not to spend your time only looking at the external factors (scale and mirror). Also consider what is changing on the inside.

6 Health Benefits of Red Wine

Red wine lovers, here are some good news for you - you were doing it right the whole time! Now you can finally sit back and relax, enjoy a glass of your favorite red wine without even losing a thought if what you're doing is good or bad for you. Red wine has more health benefits than you could have ever possibly imagined.  

There Is No Martial Art Law of Tai Chi That Bans Biting and Scratching

 The Origins Of Tai Chi ChuanTai Chi Chuan, as practiced today, is usually first a meditation in motion and secondarily a self-defense. Both aspects promise the practitioner greater health and longevity. 

Thunder lose fourth straight game

Last year he played in 18 games with the Trenton Thunder before going down for the season with double hip surgery.

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Thunder lose fourth straight game

This past year he played in 18 games using the Trenton Thunder before going down for that season with double hip surgery.

Get the fitness goals in order at Jupiter Medical Center

By Stacey Justine, MS, Director of Rehabilitation & Wellness at Jupiter Medical CenterMaking exercise a part of your daily  fat loss jimpness beauty routine isn't hard if one makes it a priority. To achieve that, you have to develop goals and an fitness program that matches your needs and interests. These steps will help you define your personal goals and set them into action.
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