What to Do if Squats Make Your Knees Hurt

Allowing your knees to excessively move forward so that your heels come off the ground can get you into trouble. That’s when you end up placing more stress on the knees. I see this happen a lot. That’s why I utilize the box squat. Not only do they help groove a rock-solid squat pattern and keep your shins more vertical so your heels stay on the floor, but they also take stress off the knees and place more of the load on your hips. And that’s important, because your hips are a larger, more prominent joint than your knees.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I was recently asked to do something that is completley outside of my comfort zone.  My initial reaction was NO, I can't possibly do that!  Then I took a deep breath and thought, why not?  It will take a lot of effort but it really sounds like something you would enjoy.  So I went for it.   

Conquer Your Kryptonite

Many friends and family have been struggling with sticking to workout programs, healthy eating, drinking more water, etc. In an effort to help y'all out I’m holding a workshop to answer as many wellness and fitness questions as possible. the workshop will kick off a 6-week program beginning in October through mid-November. Just in time for you to enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving and look fierce for New Years Eve! This is a new program I’ve designed so I’m doing it as a PILOT program which means NO FEE.


As we get older we may come to realize that we don’t bounce back or recover as quickly from an injury, or that the ‘spring in our step’ is not there any longer. Regular exercise definitely has a lot to do with how fast we recover, how vital we feel, and how we perform all those daily tasks and recreational activities. Just like financial planning for retirement, planning for a strong healthy body that can pull us through old age, living independent with a high quality of life also takes planning. And we need to be SMART about it.

God bless the educators...

...who teach us to read books, understand fundamental concepts, and apply that knowledge to serve others. God bless the entrepreneurs who teach us how to think differently, remember our dreams, face our fears, and live our lives to the fullest.

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HELLO, Weightloss! Tips

HELLO, Weightloss! Tips(Healthy, Everyday, Long-lasting Lifestyle Options) 

Focus on Priorities to Create a Powerful Journey; Paris Bound! Out of the Studio Sept 20-Oct 1

As September brings a return to work and school after the long days of summer, it creates an opportune time to reevaluate priorities and purpose.  Set your focus firmly upon what brings you happiness, health, and vitality.  Be attentive to things that may distract you from your vision.

Not Seeing Results?

Have you been working out and not seeing the results you want to see?If you said, yes, then I have a few things for you to try.

3 Things You Can Do to Kick Cellulite

Even if you manage to get yourself down to the weight of your dreams, you might still not be satisfied with some aspects of your body after you lose all that weight you’ve wanted to, you may still be stuck with some unattractive cellulite in problem areas such as your thighs. Sometimes, cellulite can even be inherited from members of your family. So if not even losing weight will rid you that stubborn cellulite, what can you do? Lucky for you, many options to assist you in getting your body into more a more attractive shape that will leave you feeling more confident with ever.
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