Frist Aid for the Body; Workshop 1, The Vyper

This weekend was the first in a series of workshops, First Aid for the Body, geared towards teaching people to take optimal care of their bodies through self care techniques.  The Vyper vibrating fitness roller combines healing modalities of compression/traction and vibration/oscillating to enhance the gliding of tissues, circulation, lymphatic flow, proprioception and balanced muscle tone.  


"Does Insurance Cover That?"

I wish I earned a dollar for every time someone called and asked me that. It's a reasonable question to ask.  What I find unreasonable is when the person hangs up when I say "No.  It doesn't."

Favorite Protein Wake Up Smoothie

6-8 oz unsweetened Almond Milk1 scoop Vega One Chocolate Protein Powder1/2 banana1/2 cup berries1 tsp cinnamont tsp turmeric powder1/4 avocado

How Does a Fit Lifestyle Affect Fertility?

More and more people are making the change from a sedentary, inactive lifestyle to one that involved regular exercise and a healthy diet. These changes are always positive and most people can do more to improve their daily health and fitness levels.

The challenges of starting new habits

Whether you are trying to improve your eating or hoping to work out more, it can be challenging to start new habits. Therefore, it's best not too set your expectations too high to start and write out a plan of action. First, it's best to write it out because then it becomes more concrete and your more likely to do it. Then, after you decide to write it out, start the first week with small changes. For example, if you typically don't have breakfast and you want to start, then write down that you will have it on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

I move, therefore I am

MULTI-MUSCLE STRETCHES We all need to move and stretch. Here are some of the multi-muscle ways to relax, stretch, increase range of motion. Remember, just as important as the static pose, is the way transitions. Cobra poseDown dog poseExtended childs poseLow lunge poseMountain pose, hands raisedProne over stability ballStanding forward fold poseSupine bent knee torso twistSupine over stability ballTriangle poseUp dog poseWarrior pose 

Boosting Attire

warm up bikeInverted pull ups 3x10 under; over; bicepKnee ups front 2x20 Knee ups left side 2x10 Knee ups right side 2x10Edge of bench hip ups 2x10Rows 95 x 9 Overhand 95 x10 under hand x2sets2 rounds: Ball ladder 10 each side Ball above head both hands 20 Oblique on ball 10 each side Ball full sit ups 10Snatch 45x10Shoulder press 45x10 55 10x3sets (curl bar)Standing high knees leaning forward 10 each leg then 20 alternating x2 setsSit ups 40 Reverse crunches 20Bicep curls 55 × 10; 65x 10x2sets

Active Forecast for April 23-30

Today is your last day to do an outdoor activity. Friday gets windy an should be weight training in the gym. This weekend is going to have some rain Saturday morning so you should wait until around noon to head out for a hike or jog. 
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