Getting Your Healthy Self Back With Go Nutrients

Your health is something that will not only keep you alive, but also allows you to live a comfortable and highly productive life. The reality is most people are actually living an unhealthy life style but ever since the healthy living trend swept the globe a few years ago health issues have taken a fore front. If you listen to your body more keenly it may be telling you a lot more than you think. You might be living with certain discomforts that may be caused by deficiencies of certain nutrients that you may not be consuming or absorbing properly.

March Mindful Challenge

 Mindfulness Means: Paying Attentionin a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgemental.

Do my shoes really matter...?

Running shoes are like the tires on your car, old tires have worn tread and can be dangerous to drive on, especially if you are driving in weather condiitons that are something other than a bright sunny day. Running shoes, while they may not be as dangerous in bad weather, break down like tires do and need to be replaced in order  to prevent injury.The general rule is to replace your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles. The reason for this is in that time, shoes tend to losee their cushion and stability which can lead to knee pain, shin splints, and foot pain.

A few essentials for your refrigerator

Before we even start talking about food, lets talk about your refrigerator settings. Your refrigerator should be kept between 34-37 degrees Fahrenheit, with the optimal temp of 37 degrees. Now, lets talk about some healthy food items that you can add to your refrigerator. If you are unable to have fresh fruit, the next best thing is to go with frozen. When fruit is frozen, it doesn't go through as much processing as canned fruit.

How do I get enough protein into my diet?

HEYlifetraining’s “Food Bites” will share what’s healthy and hot and what’s not in the food industry. Here you find the latest information on nutrition, food trends, and why eating healthy is important.  

Where do I start

"I signed up for a 5k in 3 months, i have never run a 5k before" "I am in a wedding next year and I would like to lose some weight for the event" "My doctor told me that I need to start being healthier" "I can't take this back pain anymore" "I wish I wasn't so tired trying to keep up with my kids" Now what? The starting line can be a very emotional place.

PROCESS: Journeys & Journals

Some of my UNM Stress Management students have struck gold on stress reduction techniques at our half-way class point, and others are still waiting to find their "solution". Here are some thoughts on "Journeys and Journals". Our path lengths are all varied, but continue to "seek and you shall find!" ;D

Snow days and virtual training

  Yes, today is another snow day and you are stuck at home.

Change is good

I write about nutrition a great deal. Nutrition is such an important part of your health. Although exercise is part of the equation, nutrition is 70% of it. However, working out and exercising efficiently can really improve your overall body image, composition, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. If you can get your GI tract working with your major skeletal, muscular and nervous systems you will be amazed at the results. First, and foremost, start eating healthier.

3 Ways You Could be Hindering Your Weightloss Goals

Have you been working out consistently and eating healthier but have yet to see any weight loss results?  If so, there may be a few reasons why you aren't reaching your weight loss goals.Artificial Sweeteners:  Those who like soda and want to cut calories may choose diet sodas, but diet sodas can make it harder to lose weight.  
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