5 Tips for Caring For Someone With Dementia

There are a number of tips caregivers of loved ones with dementia can take into consideration, and these tips can help you ease the anxiety of your loved ones. The main goal is to let the person you're caring for keep their dignity, while you provide them with the care they need. With that said, continue to read on to learn how to work with people who have dementia.1. Approaching People With Dementia

One Good Food Choice Leads to Another

Are you enjoying your food choices every day of your life?   Or have you made a series of choices resulting in disappointment and weight gain.   Do you ever have the feeling that every good food choice you try to make requires great effort and produces little reward.   Don’t spend your time and energy mourning all the bad food decisions you have made and don’t overthink all the good food choices you try to make.  There is hope for you!!  The way to overcome the results of a series of bad choices is through a series of right choices---one c

Changing habits starts with your thoughts

Changing habits will not happen just by wishing they would change.   Successful changes happen when you make a plan and talk to yourself about that plan constantly.    You should think about the things you want to change often; and if you make what you think about MATCH what you actually want to do, your brain may not like it but it will eventually go along.


 You may see this phrase in various articles you come across or notice it posted at your gym.   People use this cliché so often that each word ends up being ignored and neglected.   Have you ever wondered what it actually means or what steps are necessary to achieve this trifecta.

Can one 'spot reduce'?

This morning a lady asked me to show her an exercise to get rid of the "arm fat", the tricep-hanging fat.Most times people ask me for advise to get rid of something, is usually for the mid-section, the belly.This would be one of those times where I had to ask if she had time because the answer to that would be a little more complicated than she anticipated.She expected me to tell her to go do the Seated Tricep Extension machine, do 3 sets of 15 reps and the fat would dissapear!


The following link contains a short survey relating to your own exercise routine. I am looking to collect responses from as many people as possible. As a thank you, anyone who completes this and brings me a hard copy will get not only the usual free consulation but also a freee session from me.

TPI Test #5: The 90/90

This is part of a series of posts I've written about the simple tests a TPI pro can do with you to identify your golf strengths and weaknesses.  This test is designed to find any limitations in your shoulder mobility, and it's call the 90/90. Here's how to do it:

Don't Give Up

6 Powerful Uses For Moringa Powder

Few supplements can compare to the benefits that are offered by the ever popular Moringa powder. In recent years, this supplement has grown in popularity and usage due to its numerous health benefits. If you have ever wondered how it could help you live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll soon find out about six powerful ways it can aid you. Read on to learn why more people are swearing by this supplement.Improve Stamina

I just don't have the time!

  Can you guess the number one reason that people give for not working out?And, trust me, I’ve heard it many…..many……many……many……times!I’m sure you’ve guessed it:“I just don’t have enough time.”We’ve all said it before…….yes, including me!
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