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Madiha Raza’s collection steals show at Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion 2014

Shows by novice designers can be something of a trial for fashion insiders. You have to balance your desire to encourage new talent with the urge to facepalm at elementary blunders. But once in a while, a debutante will burst on the scene with a collection so beautiful that you struggle to contain your superlatives.

Thinking Outside the XOB!

Today I taught the toughest class in my entire career of teaching. I was subbing a senior class for a colleague so got the specs from her on what to do. When I walked in there were 15+ seniors all strapped into their wheelchairs; ages 87-97. I was instructed to place their 1lb free weights and bands in each chair while introducing myself. Sat down hit play on my iPod and started moving. No one moved….I shimmied and shake but they COULDNOT move! In “panic mode” I got up and started doing the Chicken Dance..they laughed!

6 Essential Health Tips for Seniors

Data from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, in a recent report titled "Older Americans 2012: Key Indicators of Well-Being", reveals that life expectancy at age 65 in the United States was lower than that of many other industrialized nations and that the death rate for chronic lower respiratory disease has increased by 57% since 1981.

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by Marc D. Thompson Plyometrics can we worthhwile if done properly. Here is oneof my favorite routnes. Band archer rowBox hopsClap pushupFloor tricep dip hopsForward hopsHop and chopJump lungeLateral box leapsLateral leapsMason twist NOTE: Perform 3 rounds consisting of 60 seconds with break between rounds. Vary duration and break time.
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