Assistant Fact Sheet

1) IDEA Assistants receive the same benefits and attend the same social events as a full paid attendee.

2) IDEA Assistants do not pay registration fees for the event. However, because IDEA Assistants are given a complimentary registration of substantial value, you will need to provide a credit card at the time the Work-Study Commitment Form is signed and returned. You will NOT be charged unless you do not fulfill your assigned Work-Study commitment. In the event that you are a “no show” and do not communicate with IDEA, a fee of $50.00 for IDEA members and $100.00 for non-members will apply. You will only be charged this fee in the event you cancel within (2) weeks of the Convention start date or fail to fulfill your obligation by not showing up to any of your assigned shifts. We understand that circumstances beyond your control may occur. We are happy to work with you in such circumstances but it is your responsibility to communicate with us ahead of time so that we can arrange for your replacement. Please contact Marsha Watson if you have any concerns regarding this process.

3) IDEA Assistants are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations. If you are looking for a roommate to help offset this cost we encourage you to post a request on the IDEA Attendee Facebook Group.

4) IDEA Assistants will work approximately 4 hours per shift each day of the event in order to fulfill their Work-Study commitment. You can view shift assignment descriptions here.

5) When not working a shift, IDEA Assistants may attend sessions on a space-available basis. Every effort is made to allow IDEA Assistants into the sessions of their choice. As an IDEA Assistant you will be permitted to wait in the Stand-By-Line and enter the room after scheduled attendees.

6) Due to scheduling conflicts, it may not be possible for IDEA Assistants to register for preconference workshops. Please check with Marsha Watson before registering for these sessions. Room Monitors working preconference workshops will not be eligible for the additional certificates or continuing education credits attached with these sessions. IDEA Assistants are eligible for continuing education credits for sessions taken, while not working, during the conference.

7) There will be a mandatory IDEA Assistant meeting preceding each event. The exact time and location will be announced in follow-up communication. All IDEA Assistants must attend this meeting. The meeting is to provide you with specific training, registration materials, and your IDEA Assistant uniform. Prior to this meeting, you will be asked to review your job description and will need to accept your scheduled assignment in writing via the Work-Study Commitment Form.

8) Due to last-minute cancellations by accepted IDEA Assistants, guaranteed schedules can NOT be assured prior to the event. However, we will do our best to take the needs of each IDEA Assistant into consideration. Communication is key, so please contact Marsha Watson with any concerns.

9) Thank you for your interest in becoming an IDEA Assistant. We appreciate your help as we continue to Inspire the World to Fitness!


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