Question asked by Eileen Woods 1436 days ago

What is the best resource for post hernia exercises and what to avoid completely?

I was asked by a potential post hernia surgery client what I would and wouldn't do for him and I would like to investigate this scenario deeper before responding.


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Hello Eileen Woods,
This person should have directions from the doctor(s) and physical therapist(s) for you to then continue once he is cleared from physical therapy and cleared for exercise by the doctor. Return to activity should be pain free or very close to it with minimal discomfort, which may take anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the specific case. The area of surgery needs to be taken care of with flexibility and strength moves.
I wish you both good health.
Take care,
Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit.
Answered by Martin Petrofes 835 days ago
This definitely requires clearance. There isn't an exercise program that can beat aquatic exercise (deep and shallow) for rehab or post rehab. Aquatic exercise is an extremely under-utilized program. Maybe this is because so few fitness instructors understand the medium and application of water properties in an exercise program?

I have taken pro and college athletes into the water for challenging workouts. It isn't just for the injured and elderly. If any of you make it to the Big Island of Hawaii, you should check out my website and get in touch with me. I will gladly take you into the ocean or the Kona pool and open your eyes about aquatic exercise.

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