Question asked by Kisar Dhillon 2309 days ago

What are your snack ideas before, during & post workouts?

I just did a quick press release on helpful tips on workout snacks before, during and after a workout. What are your suggestions that you give your clients?


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Almonds, protein shake or bar!!!
Before:'s high enough on the GI that it gives you energy to last you throughout your workout so that you don't need a snack during. I stay away from the bars that have added ingredients and loads of carbs.

Post workout: PROTEIN! If you can't have a meal within 30 minutes of workout out, eat some almonds or a hard boiled egg.
Answered by Shannon Foster 2304 days ago
Before: I love either a kind bar or lara bar. Kind bars and lara bars are fruit an nut bars without all the extra junk. Plain and simple.
After: protein shake, an apple with some cheese
Another great post workout recovery drink that is simple and inexpensive is chocolate milk(skim or low fat).
Answered by LaRue Cook 2289 days ago
A lot depends on how far in advance of exercise that I'm snacking, but I like things like bagels, bananas, raisins. Afterwards, chocolate milk, small pasta salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to this subject, so it all comes down to what suits someone's taste and system usually.


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