Question asked by Bill Taylor 2148 days ago

'Weigh In': pre-, and post-, Workout "fuel" for your clients

I get asked all the time... "what should I eat before, and after, a personal training session?".
Everybody's different, and has to experiment in order to find out their own 'formula', but other than the basics, what are some of your favorite choices / recommendations?
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Answered by Jesse LaFuze 2147 days ago
I have seen the best results from clients who have the same thing before and after the workout. I usually tell them to have one scoop of whey protein in water or almond milk with no more than 5g of creatine along with an apple or banana. Depending on their energy levels, the apple can be eaten with any nut butter. Post-workout is usually the same minus the creatine. One scoop of whey protein with a carb source such as a banana or another fruit source.
Energy levels are high throughout the workout and clients have found it to be a simple choice for both before and after the session.
Answered by Brian Franks 2147 days ago
The best choice would be any combination of complex carbohydrate to lean protein in a 4:1 ratio (carbohydrate:protein) and water. Pre or post exercise is dependent to the individual's preferences. Once adequate blood flow is restored to the intestines post exercise the nutrition will be absorbed and distributed to the replenish the lost muscle glycogen. The 4:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio also will illicit a greater sustained insulin response than either nutrient alone. This will help shuttle nutrients to the depleted sites post absorption.
Hello, Bill!

You was asked all the time what to eat...
The answer is - preexercise snack - medium working protein with low-residue carbs( milk with banana sandwich),
postexercise snack - immediately working protein (chocolate milk).
The variety of snacks You may choose in magazine "Muscle and Fitness".
Answered by LaRue Cook 2143 days ago
For myself, a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cold glass of chocolate milk after a hard workout or a tennis match - does the trick! Simple, easy, inexpensive and filling.

Answered by Aaron Cobb ACE-CPT 2141 days ago
Depends on the time of day. For morning sessions pre workout protein (shake or eggs)with a carb such as a banana and oatmeal. Post workout protein drink with waxy maize. In the afternoon or evening then pre workout would be a protein drink and a piece of fruit. Post workout, Solid food, lean meat, small amount of complex carbs like rice and a fast acting carb such as fruit.
Answered by Susan Dalonzo 2138 days ago
I personally go for protein and a bit of a complex carb: two eggs with brown rice or turkey with veggies after my workout
As for my clients, I don't tell them what to eat as this is out of my scope but we do discuss the difference between quality vs sub par food choices.
Sometimes people are not hungry immediately after a workout as it's a personal choice .
Answered by Kelly Bennett 1244 days ago
I recommend Complex Carbs Pre workout at least 30 minutes before to fuel the body and provide energy throughout the workout. Post workout a lean Protein to help build Muscle as soon as possible up to two hours after. and as always stay hydrated!

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