Question asked by Terri Viani 1528 days ago

New Client Three Months Post Full Gallbladder Removal

Some pain still, scar tissue pulling. I'm talking to her docs of course but am also looking for ideas and thoughts from anyone who has had someone post abdominal surgery. Client is quite concerned about doing too much too soon, as am I. Thoughts? Thanks!


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Answered by Susan Dalonzo 1528 days ago
I would want full medical clearance and a list of contradicted exercises prior to training her, particularly if she is concerned about it!

I agree with Susan. A complete medical clearance should be the first step, so both you and her would feel more comfortable continuing to an exercise program. Her having concerns and doubts will only make it more difficult to get participate at some kind of fitness program. At least this is how I would proceed with a similar case.

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