Question asked by Casey Miller 739 days ago

Looking for fitness professional's opinion for my website.

Hi guys, I created, an online personal training website and I was wondering what you guys thought and if you had any suggestions.


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Answered by Harris Sophocleous 739 days ago
Hi Casey,

Congrats on your new web site. It looks like there is a lot of information there. Unless I missed it, maybe you could add a section that emphasizes your certifications, accomplishments and experience as well. It's always a great selling point and it is a good way for those who visit your web site to get to know you better.

It will be interesting to see what others think as well.

Answered by Karin Singleton 739 days ago
Hi Casey,

you certainly put in a lot of time doing all those videos. I like those a lot.

Logistically, though, I found the training packages somewhat confusing with the different options. Personally, I am a table-kind-of-girl and always look for structure.

I also found the pages a little too animated for my taste.

One thing, I must confess, I disliked. You have included an advertisement function, and as I was looking over your web site, a site popped up that I had recently visited. Frankly, I did not care for that.

Please keep in mind that there was a lot to like about your site, and that I only write here about those features that did not suit MY taste.

Karin Singleton
Answered by Bryant Seton 739 days ago
Looks snazzy. Only one thing I was looking for was how to purchase something. I couldn't figure out where to buy things.
Answered by Michael Saiz 738 days ago
Hello Casey,
Looks good...maybe too much information/categories, break up the white background with some light color blocking and I would also do away with all outside ad links.

Answered by Casey Miller 738 days ago
Thanks for the help so far. Most of the "not likes" I just added so I will work on those.
Answered by Natalie Smith 738 days ago
Hello Casey Miller,

It is very informative, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
The "y lift" may do better if it is filmed from another view point as well as the "pelvic tilt" which is limited motion.
Very nice job; except, I also dislike all the ads. If it is possible to remove them, that would be great; but, it is not critical when you offer all the free advice and workouts.
Take care.
Hi Casey,

I too just redesigned my website. I asked for feedback from IdeaFit and they were all fantastic recommendations. I had a chance to look at your site and what I learned from my experience (although I am a software engineer, website design is not my favorite), is that the more simple it is, the better. Videos and pictures are always a plus. I also really like your forum and a community and blog. These are great avenues to get new content that Google loves so much.

Let us know when any changes have been made so we can check it out again!

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