Question asked by Bobbie Arnel 1688 days ago

Is there a way to upload an article I wrote that is not currently online, to my profile?


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Answered by Jason Davis 1686 days ago
Hi Bobbie,

I would recommend enabling the blog feature and copy pasting the contents of the article you wrote into a blog post.

That blog post will then appear on your profile and even in your client newsletter, if you use that.
Answered by Ariadne Greenberg 1688 days ago
If you have it in hard copy you could scan it and upload that.

You do not say where the piece was written, but you could contact the group or publishing entity and ask if they have digitized, or plan to digitize their older material, or if they are able to email you a copy of what you wrote for them. If they are able to email it you could download and use that.

Good luck
Answered by Bobbie Arnel 1688 days ago
Thank you for the reply. I DO have a scanned version in my computer, but where is the link within this site to upload the article?? Thanks.

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