Question asked by Audrey Carbine 1735 days ago

I've just been given a removeable walking boot to "calm down" my chronic post tib tendonitis. Any ideas for keeping fit?

I was walking 3 - 4 miles/day for weight loss and to build bone. Are there exercises that will benefit my bones that don't involve a lot of weight-bearing for the next six weeks?

Thanks very much!


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Answered by Karin Singleton 1735 days ago
Hi Audrey,

it may be an opportunity to look into weight training. You can pick exercises where you can sit or even lie down. Even machines which ordinarily are not on my favorites list are an option at this point in time. You can also look into flexibility and do some stretching as long as it does not involve the injured tendon.

Six week is not such a long time after all but you need to let it heal. If may also be worth talking to a physical therapist to find out what causes this chronic inflammation. The posterior tibialis tendon does not all of a sudden decide to get inflamed. There must be a reason, and I would suspect it has to do with the way you move and walk.

I wish you a speedy recovery.
Karin Singleton

Answered by Jocelyn Martin 1735 days ago
I agree with Karin, especially since you wrote that one of your main reasons for walking was to promote weight loss and build bone. Strength training, especially weight bearing activities are known to build bone and prevent osteoporosis.

If you have some medical concerns, as in you have already been diagnosised with osteoporosis or have other prior injuries, you may want to seek out a qualified personal trainer to receive proper program development, to show you how to use various equipment that may be new to you and to demonstrate proper form.

Good luck in your recovery,
Jocelyn Martin
Answered by Christine Hales 1734 days ago
Hi Audrey,

I agree that some weight training is still possible, and you may want to seek out a personal trainer who can safely guide you in this area. Have you had physical therapy for this? That may be beneficial in both resolving the issue and determining the cause. A PT can do a gait analysis on your walk and determine if it is a biomechnical issue (example would be over pronating). Hopefully if this is chronic you've had some therapy and have a few exercises and stretches that may help.

While you are anxious to get back into activities, you will most likey have to do so at a slower pace. Tendonitis takes time to heal, and you may have to try a few exercise to see what works and what doesn't for you.

In addition to weight training, you may want to also consider swimming for the cardio conditioning. This is non-weight bearing and easy on the joints--your feet in particular.
In addition, it will help blood flow circulation which promotes healing.

I hope some of these suggestions help you. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hello Audrey Carbine,

That is great you are taking care of your health.
As the others have mentioned, there are many seated weight resistance exercises that can be done to promote bone health. Just walking around during your day will help with that, also.
Six weeks will go faster than you think, hang in there.
Have you spoken to a doctor about seeing a podiatrist?
Enjoy working with the physical therapist.
Good luck to you and keep up the good work of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Take care,
NAPS 2 B Fit

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