Question asked by Vonie Kalich 2513 days ago

Does anyone know if there is an article on % of populations doing Pilates?

I'm trying to complete a business plan and I need some data to support my goal in opening a Pilates studio. I need % of people that may attend my studio.


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Off the top of my head, here are two main ideas:

First, check out the following (and I'm sure you'll find others...):

-IDEA may have some stats for you:)
-Stott Pilates
-there is a consumer magazine and website dedicated to pilates, something like Pilates life or Pilates today...
-Don't forget that pilates is a very specific niche/practice. Some of your stats might just relate to the overall population's need for an increase of regular physical activity (stressing the benefits and history of mind/body activities, like pilates)


To project the percentage of people who might attend your studio requires a more in-depth assessment of your geographic area and its demographics. For instance, is pilates already offered in rec centres, private studios?, etc..And if so, is there a demand for another studio? What would your studio offer that could justify it's establishment? Are people willing to pay extra for your service? Might you expand into home training (mat-based) or stick with strictly studio training? (mat and reformers) How long before you would show a profit?

I hope this helps even a little bit...

Best wishes,
Answered by Shawn Fears 2512 days ago
if its a serious business plan and not just a school paper then you might want to consider paying for some market research.
Answered by Vonie Kalich 2512 days ago
It is a serious biz plan. I've done enough school papers. :)

Where might I go to get some marketing research done?
Answered by Anonymous 2354 days ago
Thanks for your thoughts. It's hpleed me a lot.
Idea fitness website has lots of neat stats, I would explore there first.

Mac Dodds

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