Question asked by Nadiyah Freeman 1880 days ago

Do you think it is effective to post your training prices on your website?

Have you found it to be a help or hindrance to post your prices on your website?


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Hi Nadiyah,

I think it's hard to determine if this is helping or not. The clients who think your prices are too high (or too low) probably will never contact you. On the other hand, those clients who really like what you have to offer and are willing to pay your rate, will contact you. I never had problems with any potential clients who contacted me though my web site. Actually, I believe that by posting your rates on your web site it eliminates those who are not willing to pay the rate you charging and it makes things easier for you and for them.

Answered by Karin Singleton 1880 days ago
Hi Nadiyah,

I have rates on my web site. If I were the consumer looking for any product or service, I would want to know up front what to expect. It would also give me a sense of fairness because lack of this information would mean to me as that it may be a matter of negotiation.

Karin Singleton

Good answers. I also think it's fine. I do recommend that you give a range so you have some negotiating room. If you post your fees as a per hour or per session figure, you may want to add a phrase such as "training packages are available."

Good luch, take care,

Answered by Michael Saiz 1880 days ago
Hello Nadiyah,
I'm neutral....I haven't found it to be a hinderance and I have found it to be helpful. I think it's a timesaver for both parties as it would be if speaking to someone in person and they ask what your rate is.

Here's my take on it. It's a well known marketing fact that price isn't the final deciding factor for consumers, it's more a matter of perception. So I am for putting prices on websites, however you need to make sure your website (or wherever you're putting your prices) looks the part and does a good job of explaining why you think you're worth as much as you're quoting. If you do a great job at explaining why you charge as much as you do, customers will be more than happy to pay it. If you just slap a price tag and don't back it up in an obvious manner then it could very well be a hindrance to getting new leads.

I completely agree with Joanne regarding a free consultation, or maybe even a free session to allow cutomers to see how well they gel with you (or if you even want to be working with them!).

And the other reason websites are so handy, is to point to a single place where you have all your information, so like Heike mentioned, you don't have to repeat it over and over.

Hope that helps :)
If you are charging the appropriate rate for your time and the services you offer - there is nothing to hide. Posting rates qualifies your leads. Since just about everyone comparison shops on the internet now (and even less will pick up a phone to make inquiries), it is a waste of your time not to post rates.

If you need to do something more advanced you can always figure out a way to offer add on services, or bigger packaged fees, but at a min - post a base rate.
Answered by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 1880 days ago
I've tried both and have decided that I will not post my rates on the portal.

If people are truly looking for quality and experience as opposed to the least expensive fitness professional, I feel they will reach out to those they have interest in.

I give a complimentary consultation which gives the prospective client an opportunity to determine whether I can provide the services he/she is seeking. If not, they can continue to search on this portal.

Thanks for your post.
Answered by Heike Yates 1880 days ago
I also, like Joanne offer complimentary consults and have not put my prices on my website for the same reason. However, at times it is very tiring to go through the same song and dance about what they get for their money if the consult is over the phone.

Heike Yates
Answered by LaRue Cook 1880 days ago
I do not post prices on my website. I would hate for a potential client to make a decision as to whether I can help them based solely on a price posted on the internet without at least having the opportunity for me to speak with them about their needs and how I can help them. A simple price posted without having a conversation as to what's behind your pricing and how you can help a particular client (which requires a conversation) to my mind seems more a hindrance to starting that kind of dialogue with potential clients.

Answered by Michael Siler 1879 days ago
I've posted my prices in the past but don't currently (and don't plan to in the future, either). Similar to some of the other responses, I feel it's important to offer a complimentary consultation where the price for your services is determined by what the prospective client's needs are.

I typically price my services based on the following:

-The amount of additional material the client will need outside of our sessions together (i.e. workouts for them to do on their own, weekly/monthly training logs for them to document progress on their own, images/videos of exercises they'll be doing on their own, etc).
-The amount of additional coaching the client will need outside of our sessions together that may include phone calls, emails, and/or support via text messages.
-The amount of time I will need outside of our sessions together to develop the client's program.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow up questions and I'd be happy to help.

Best of luck to you!
I love this question. I don't list prices, but have them readily available should someone ask. I try to help them pick the best set up for their situation, then show them the cost difference between 1 or 2 options that meet their needs.

Answered by Nadiyah Freeman 1879 days ago
Great comments everyone! You've raised valid points for both sides of the issue. Like many other experiences, it seems to be a matter of trial and error, and personal preference. Regardless of the decision, it appears that offering complimentary consultations could be the key to initiating the conversation and, in many cases, gaining the trust (and business) of potential clients.
Hello Nadiyah Freeman,

One of the sad truths is that money can be hard to talk about. Also, the old addage, if you must ask then you can't afford it.
I like to know the price to help make the decision, even though I understand that price is only one small part of the solution.
Take care,
Answered by Martin Petrofes 1099 days ago
I post my rates because I personally don't like having to contact someone (usually a salesperson) to find out how much something is going to cost. My rates are what they are and not posting them isn't going to change anything. Surprisingly, only about half of the people that contact me through my website have looked at the rates when then contact me. For what I do (mostly working with people who have exhausted their rehab benefit and high end athletes), my prices are low (high compared to the area Personal Trainer average).

Posting your rates gives you the platform to discuss cost with clients. This is often a difficult topic for many fitness professionals. Having your rates posted makes this less of a challenge. When the topic comes up or when you must bring up the topic, you simply bring up your website (this will also help you market your services as you can suggest that the client direct people to your site at this time) and go over the rates you have on the site.

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