Question asked by amy hennessy 2167 days ago

can the people i send my newsletter to read the article if they are not members?

I was setting up newsletter and tried to click on it to read it and it says i am not a member and something about a 30 day trial. If I am not a member can the people i send the newsletter to read the articles? If I am a member can everyone I send the newsletter to read the article then? Or do the people I send it to have to be members themselves?


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Answered by IDEA Health & Fitness Association 2166 days ago
Hi Amy,

Yes, non-members of IDEA will also be able to view your newsletter. We just opened up the articles so that you can see them before you send out your newsletter and will be opening the video up within the next day so you can view that as well. Please feel free to email us at with any other questions.
Answered by Karin Singleton 2167 days ago
None of the people on my distribution list are members of IDEA, and they can all click through to read the articles.
Answered by Michael Saiz 2167 days ago
Hello Amy,
Absolutely, I got alot of feedback from the monthly newsletters...some are members..others are not.

Answered by Karin Singleton 2166 days ago
Under the picture of your profile page, you'll see 'Quick Links'. Click on 'Manage Client Newsletter'. On the following screen, click on 'Edit Client Newsletter'. You can click on the articles and can also customize your newsletter.
Answered by amy hennessy 2166 days ago
Thank you everybody! I am excited to send this out to my clients. I for some reason was not able to read the first article so I thought I could not read any of them but now it is fixed somehow. thanks for the comments they really helped.

Thank you everyone, this is helpful and much appreciated.
Take care.

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