Question asked by Britany Morgan 1996 days ago

Any ideas for a weight loss plateau for a 61 yr old woman who is post menopausal? Weight wont budge.


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Answered by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 1996 days ago
I personally think you should focus on changing the body shape through resistance training.

As we age we tend to lose muscle tissue. This results in a decrease in BMR. Although muscle weighs more than fat and the scale will likely not move considerably, she will appear thinner, she will have made an investment in her bone health considering she is post-menopausal, and she will have made an investment in being an independent senior.

Put less focus on the scale, more focus on body fat percentage as well as hypertrophy.

Engaging in physical activity is bigger than weight loss.
Answered by Anonymous 1995 days ago
Hi Britany,

"Weight won't budge" .... WHAT HAS SHE BEEN DOING for weight to drop?

Has she had a 3500 cal deficit? Have you done her numbers? Have you had her do a food journal?

Need more info, please! I will check back and hopefully add more for you.
Answered by Bryant Seton 1686 days ago
/more info please.

If shes 61- fight osteoporosis and increase skeletal density as well as muscle mass with weight bearing exercises.

If shes at a healthy weight- change her goal to something else that can be easily measured and is attainable.

If shes at a unhealthy weight- sounds like shes in the gym. Talk to her about the kitchen.

Health = Fitness + Diet
-Fitness =.20 gym
-Diet = .80 kitchen
Answered by Dr. Nick Rainey 1996 days ago
She shouldn't lose much weight. Weight loss at that age leads to more problems. So like Joanne said, put less focus on the scale.

One thing I do find that helps to be healthier and lose weight is to fast for 24 hours once a week. It improves the way that we burn fuel the rest of the week. The benefit is not just in the fact that you don't have calories for a day.
It's all about kilocalories. The Law of Conservation of Energy describes it in clear detail. No matter what our age if calories out exceed calories in we will drop energy from our primary energy reserve, fat. That translates to fat loss. Assuming sensible nutrition.
Answered by Nickie Carrigan 1994 days ago
Resistance training is also the route I would go.
I would recommend a thorough review of her diet and her workout routine to see if they are appropriate. Make sure there is a resistance module in her routine, and that the movements and weights being used have been updated recently.
I will add to the resistance training suggestion. That's good no matter the age and is good prevention against diseases such as osteoporosis. This will change her body, help make her mind more sharp, and tremendously boost her confidence. If she wants some serious inspiration, check out Baltimore's own Ernestine Shepherd, the world's oldest body builder, and she is in her 70s.
I would go back and look at any medications she is taking that could be contributing. Is she taking antidepressants? Steroids? Hormone replacement therapy? This also might be a good time to send her to her medical provider to check her thyroid levels. And don't forget the usual culprit-excess sodium intake in processed foods or diet sodas.
Answered by Sue D'Alonzo 1686 days ago
I'm not sure what post menopausal has to do with not being able to lose weight.

Following a really healthy sensible eating plan and daily exercise is key for everyone!

She may want to get her thyroid checked along with a complete blood work up to rule out any thing that may be hindering her attempts.
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