Brand Stories

Brand Stories

Let IDEA Health & Fitness Association build momentum for your brand by connecting your message with our 250,000+ community of influential fitness, nutrition, wellness, and mind-body professionals. Check out what some of the industry’s top brands are saying about how our influencers are moving the needle for their products.

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Balanced Body


It’s not just exercise and fitness anymore. IDEA is the place to come, to explain your brand. That’s’ why we’re here. We chose IDEA to launch and continue to talk about nutrition with Health and Fitness professionals. "

Tiffany Vandemark
VP Interactive Marketing
Chobani Fit

Lebert Fitness


The expo hall was busy non-stop the entire show. We love the excitement. My advice to new exhibitors is be prepared to interact with an engaged audience. These are very creative people at the top of their field and they will stop, talk, workout and do business with you."

Fred Helm
VP Brand
Power Plate

"We’re a nutrition company and the special nutrition pavilion and lecture stage was perfect for us. The attendees could really learn and interact with us. We were surprised and pleased at the diversity. Manufacturers people selling and promoting so many ideas about fitness. We are blown away by the show distributors.

Mark Binter
Ahhmigo Water

We were a startup last year. Now we’re in 17 countries and IDEA is a huge part of that. The show is so great this year. Non-stop. The floor is incredible. You can see every booth. The scope of products is amazing, nutrition, clothing, equipment and the sheer volume of interested shoppers."

Darya Bronston
Core Fitness

"We are now providing quite a bit of education at the conference, which is great, but the booth and the hall are essential because that is where the fitness pros can find out what our products are and what they can do. IDEA brings the best personal trainers all in one place where we can address their needs as well as their client’s needs.

Cassidy Phillips
Founder and CEO
Trigger Point Technology

"We are launching our brand in the US (from Australia) and we knew it was important to reach the key influencers at IDEA World. We’re so excited, we’ve already booked this same space for next year!

Lorna Jane Clarkson
Alorna Jane Fashions

We established individual relationships and with business owners at this show. It was invaluable. So excited about this show. More than any other show we’ve been to. Everyone is so enthusiastic about health and wellness and nutrition. We’ll be back.

Carol Visa
genoVive nutrition

"Overall our experience at IDEA world fitness was great! We were really able to engage and have fun in a popchips kind of way! Guests were able to pop in and snap a photo and immediately upload to email, twitter or facebook to have as a keepsake of the event. It was great that we were able to offer a new flavor, jalapeno to give fans a new treat!

Mandy Mckenzie
Los Angeles Popstar

Reaching one IDEA key influencer gets GAIAM in front of dozens of our target market ------- health-minded consumers. This is also a great forum for seeing new trends in the fitness industry."

Reini Reiter
VP Sales

"Our history with IDEA goes back 30 years to the very first IDEA World Fitness event, we have been supporting the fitness professionals who live their passion through IDEA events as well as IDEA Fitness Journal ever since and look forward to the next 30 years!

Herb Flentye
SPRI Products

This is a great show to be at; there is no show like this to reach out to fitness professionals. It is a great way. A lot of energy and enthusiasm. People come in very motivated and enthusiastic. Historically you learn how to teach people exercise but there hasn’t been a lot of education on nutrition CECs. There is a gap there between client needs and. We’re all about bringing them up to date. Current research, practices, how to eat right. We’re all about closing the gap. IDEA is the place to bring that message to the right people."

Dr. Keith Wheeler
Abbott Nutrition/EAS

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